Would you like to live like a millionaire on top of a hill in a Northern Leafy Suburb in Harare?

Fancy earning $125K a year and driving one of three brand new Mercs every day? We are working on something that will completely blow you away!

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About Us

Millionaire Lifestyle is a 90-day retail promotion curated and organised by Daura Vanderbilt Digital Commerce. The promotion is designed to bring Zimbabweans at home and abroad together. Our goal with this promotion is to stir the heart and minds of our people; to cause them to rekindle their dreams, hopes and aspirations.

We bring together progressive Artisans, Brands and Businesses to re-establish that which was distressed, telling the story of hope with a loud united voice.

Thousands of prizes worth $2 million will be given away during the promotion at set milestones. At the end of the promotion a newly renovated and fully furnished home fit for a millionaire, will make up part of the Grand Prize worth $1.5 million, which will be presented to one lucky customer in a draw that will air live on ZTV and on our social media channels.

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  • +263 777 417 940
  • +263 777 417 940
  • info@iwantamillionairelifestyle.com
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